The strength of a woman

Since time immemorial, the woman has always been placed second after the man in terms of intelligence, power, physical strength, leadership skills among the many other positive attributes linked to alpha beings. The woman’s position has been validated and justified by a number of institutions, which include the governments of the world, religious groups, schools, corporate and other sectors, both formal and informal that require leadership roles and strengths. This conventional belief that women are lesser beings compared to their male counterparts has gotten into the heads of many people and they are persuaded to believe so. Women have also been made to believe that they are weaker compared to men. This belief that is myopic in nature has for so long made the female to sit back and allow the male dominate them.

It is however due to the rise of the feminist movement and the exposure to education that women learned of their value and strengths, as was mentioned in this feminist essay. The rise of women in all manners of fields. The strength of the woman has been exhibited in the recent past to date. The impact that the woman has left in whatever venture they get involved has been remarkable and exemplary.

The strength of a woman begins right at the reality of being a woman itself. The biological composition of the woman exposes her to a number of biological processes that make her be strong and enduring. The pain that comes with menstrual bleeding and childbirth are reasons enough to make any woman strong enough. Physical endurance is a marker of emotional endurance and strength too. This shows why the physical nature of a woman makes her strong.

It is estimated that women and children are at more danger or risk of getting assaulted physically, emotionally and sexually. This is a reason to make every woman fear and restrain from associating with people. Despite the risk that they face every day, women have overcome their fears and instead, they have decided to face the risks head on and fight whatever comes their way in form of abuse or assault. For that reason, women have come up with organizations and centers that help defend the women legally and seek for redress in case of an assault. These organizations are made up of legal, medical and other relevant practitioners who aid women in fighting back and taking action against any person who assaults them. These avenues have given a boost to the woman’s courage to walk fearlessly. The avenues are also a way of fighting back and this proves that women too can stand up for and fight what is right without fear of intimidation. Some people see these defense avenues as weaknesses on the part of women, a claim that is debatable. Being naturally exposed to the danger of falling victim of the assault is an imposed weakness on the part of women, but devising a defense mechanism is, by all means, a strength marker. This shows that a woman is able to defend themselves in the face of danger, and find redress when offended, an attribute that can only be called strength and resilience.

‘Motherland’ is the proverbial name given to a country by her people. A country is usually referred to by the pronoun ‘her’. A good example is ‘Nigeria is a beautiful country, her culture is so intriguing and captivating. She is the motherland to the famous Chinua Achebe.’ In this sentence, Nigeria, a country in the west of planet Africa is described just like a woman would be. Words like ‘motherland’ and the pronoun ‘her’ are used when referring to Nigeria. A country or state is such a large geographical area that accommodates all manners of people, physical phenomena, and natural resources. A country has a government, policies, education systems, and culture. The essence of outlining what a country entails is to show vividly how strong it is to handle all the things under one roof. For that reason, it is given a motherly symbol to represent it. The motherly nature of a woman is so sacred and respected that it can only be given as a representation of a country. This gives the woman an upper and in claiming strength. Given that each country has her own struggles, the representation of a woman’s resilience in the symbol of a country, which is conventional, shows her undoubted strength. It, therefore, goes without saying that women are the pillars and foundation that hold so strongly the existence of the human race and support the same to her maximum ability.

A woman has proven beyond any doubt that she has the ability to carry out duties rendered masculine in the same way, and even better than a man would. This has been seen in the way women have risen to take leadership positions and roles in major sectors. It is no longer news to hear a woman being elected to a top managerial position in a corporation or even getting lead roles in the government. Women have also risen up to battle out with men for this position; Hillary Clinton of the USA is a good example of women who battle out with men. This she did when she vied for the post of Presidency in the United States, it is was a rare yet plausible act of courage that was exhibited by a woman, a move that caught the attention of the entire world. In as much as Hillary Clinton did not win against his male counterpart Donald Trump, the impact she left was a sure mark of the strength of a woman. Women are also rising to occupy top positions in the corporate world, media, and literary spaces, and when they do, they beat the men in the practices that have been conventionally rendered masculine.

The power and the strength of a woman have been exhibited through other many ways. Women are mothers, they have a given emotional strength required to stabilize even the worst of conditions and women have won in this. The strength of a woman is indispensable.